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Over the years we have always taken pride in offering fair prices for pest control services. Many times our competitors will try to tell our customers it is because we offer an inferior service. They couldn’t be more wrong. As the owner of B & B Pest Control I believe we offer the most “bang for your buck” in the industry hands down. Here are many of the reasons we don’t charge as high as some of those other companies:

  • Small family owned company; we don’t have to answer to share holders
  • The owners perform services; unlike other companies the owners get their hands dirty in the field
  • Low overhead; we don’t rent or own an enormous warehouse or spruce our office up with expensive items

Here are some reasons why you get the most value by using B & B Pest Control:

  • We don’t skimp on product; unlike some companies we don’t have a cookie-cutter amount of equipment or chemical a tech can use at a job. We use whatever it take to do the job even if that means cutting into our profit.
  • We pay our technicians top dollar; our technicians are some of the highest paid in the industry
  • We actually honor our warranties; there are no hidden costs or charges to come back under the warranty

Lastly, we are not looking to capitalize on people’s fears of pests. We know having a rat or bed bugs can be scary and sometimes people will pay whatever the person on the other line says. We want to take care of people’s pests problems but not put them in the poor house. We are looking to build a relationship with all our customers so we can be a company they can count on for years to come. Please remember this the next time one of the other companies tries to attack our services.


John Bozarjian Jr.

Owner, B & B Pest Control and Johnny B’s Pest Control